Great Ideas For A Family Fun Weekend

Great Ideas For A Family Fun Weekend | Eko Pearl Towers

Now that kids are back to school, weekends are precious time for families to enjoy fun and exciting things together. Even if the weather is dreary, there are so many family fun things you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Travel The World (From Your Living Room)
Choose a country your little ones have never been to, research it online and discuss the culture and history. You can also prepare a dish native to the chosen country and enjoy a day living in someone else’s shoes.

Watch Old Movies
There might be some movies you grew up watching and which your child has never seen before. Dig into your old movies collection and show them how you used to enjoy your weekends with some classic movies.

Have A Photoshoot
Whether you want to go all out and dress up, or you just want to have fun snapping some family photos, holding a family photo shoot will create great memories you can hang up around your home.

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