Be The Best Host: How to be the best host for your house party

Be The Best Host For Your House Party | Eko Pearl Towers

Inviting people to your new home is an exciting experience and a great chance to show your hosting and homemaking skills. A nice playlist of music or a fun, ice breaker game can change the entire mood of the night. Here are some ways you can make it to the top of your friends’ host list.

Ambiance: A simple center piece of flowers or lit candles around the house can make or break the ambiance of your dinner. If you are going for a serious, upscale feel, try easy listening music and dimmed lights, while, if you are going for a fun, upbeat party, go for popular hits and some colorful flower arrangements. Your guests will definitely remember the night.

Food: Never make excuses or apologies for your food. Self-assurance is key when it comes to pleasing your guests, and they will surely sense the confidence in every bite. Obviously, don’t serve any bland or burnt dishes. However, be confident in what you have prepared, and know that, for the most part, your guests are there for the company, and not Michelin starred dishes.

Switch It Up: Consider serving a welcome drink in the foyer, dinner in the dining room, and dessert or coffee in the living room. Changing locations throughout the night shows hospitality and a welcoming sense that your guests will appreciate. There is nothing like feeling welcome and not confined to one room during a long gathering.

Be Fancy: Inviting guests over to enjoy a nice meal means you can pull out all your fancy dishes and silverware. Don’t hesitate to use your precious china if you know there won’t be children around. Also, setting the table with neatly folded cloth napkins will give that lasting impression your guests will definitely approve of.

Talk: After a  long day of preparation and cooking, being a bubbly and talkative host might come as a challenge, but it is essential to showing hospitality and charm. Think of some cute stories to share with guests, and don’t forget to encourage conversations between guests who are meeting for the first time.

Look Good: As a hostess, you represent the mood of the night, so why not go all out and dress in something very chic. Fix your hair and adorn yourself with some great pieces of jewelry and show your guests how put-together you can be, even after a day of cooking and organizing.

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