Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer: Tips, ideas, and suggestions for a fun summer with your children

Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer | Eko Pearl Towers

Summertime means school is out and entertaining your kids becomes the first priority as a parent. Even if the weather is not the best for constant outdoor fun, there are plenty of things to do to keep your children busy while still keeping up with the theme of summer vacation.

Seashell Crafts Choose a day with good weather to go seashell picking on your nearest shore. When the weather is not so perky, gather paper, glue, washable markers, and your seashells, and create some great collages and decorations fueled by your child’s imagination. If you have older children, provide glass vases or cups and special glue for them to decorate with.

Ice Cream Bar Get the summer vibes kicking in your home with a very cool ice cream station. Set up all the fixings of an ice cream sundae including bananas, sprinkles, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce, alongside all the flavors of ice cream that your family prefers. Then, let the little ones make their own sundaes, adding all the toppings they like. This will satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth and provide a fun pastime as well.

Play Dress Up Bust out the old costumes and dress up accessories for a day of role play and fun. The little ones will love pretending to be someone or something else for a day, and they can even get creative with washable face paint and different hairstyles. Don’t forget to take pictures to mark this memorable family activity.

Stretch The Imagination Have your children work on a story, throughout the summer. They could do so together as a group, or focus on their own story. This will give a little quiet time and keep them working on vocabulary and language skills. At the end of the summer, you can help them film their story and make it into a short home video for them to look back on as they grow up.

Dance Play some of your children’s favorite tunes and get them dancing and moving around the house. This stimulates exercise and gets them moving to drain any excess energy that might be bottled up from being at home all day.

Chores Chores might not be the most fun activity to do, especially over a summer vacation, but incorporating some fun aspects might help get the job done. Try to encourage children to get their chores done by setting a timer, and seeing who finishes their job first. Set up a rewards system, and then follow through with it to back up their hard work.

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