Eko Atlantic Complex Stormwater Draining Systems Helps Diminish Effects Of Flood In Lagos

Eko Atlantic Helps Diminish Effects Of Flooding In Lagos | Eko Pearl Towers

From day 1 at Eko Atlantic, international-standard and certified safety measures have been put into place to ensure the security and well-being of Eko Atlantic residents, as well as, and just as importantly, preventing rising sea tides from the Atlantic Ocean for the residents of the surrounding areas and districts in Lagos.

The effects of the recent flooding were diminished in the Eko Atlantic area thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and storm-water drainage systems in the Eko Atlantic City project which provides safe drainage of storm water, and prevents flooding in general.

Due to the blockage of inner city drainage systems at several other locations in Lagos however, and the rising of the lagoon tides, there is only so much that this complex drainage system can contribute to prevent flooding in these neighboring districts, without some participation from the State Government in clearing the already congested drainages.

The Eko Atlantic project however, takes pride in providing safe solutions and secure living for its occupants and immediate neighbors in the coastal areas, especially as was seen in the reduced consequences of the recent flooding, through its Environmental Impact Assessment planning and design. This measure was very significant and provides a basis for further research and analysis on improving safety standards for coastal cities like Lagos.

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