Nigeria: The Land And The People

Nigeria: The Land And The People | Eko Pearl Towers

Nigeria is represented by over 250 tribes and ethnic groups, each with their own dialects, languages, and specific cultures. This uniqueness is greatly attributed to the different environmental regions which exist in the country. The three main environmental regions in Nigeria are Savanna, Tropical forests, and Coastal wetlands.

The Savanna consists of dry and open grasslands which are perfect for cereal farming and herding as a way of life for the residents of these areas.

The Tropical forests in the south are wet and good for growing fruits and vegetables. This fruit and vegetable farming is the main income for the residents of this area.

The Coastal wetlands consist of smaller villages small due to the lack of dry, inhabitable land. These residents are surrounded by lagoons, salt marshes, and creeks which makes fishing and the salt trade their main source of work and income.

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