Precautions To Take During Nigeria’s Rainy Season

Precautions To Take During Nigeria's Rainy Season | Eko Pearl Towers

With the rainy season still underway in Lagos, we’ve put together some helpful tips concerning precautions you should take.

1. Check your windshield wipers
Make sure your wipers are properly functional in order to avoid a messy car drive during the rain.

2. Check your car battery
Take your car for a check up to make sure your battery can sustain the rain and puddles.

3. Set up mosquito nets
Ensure your home is equipped with mosquito netting, as water is the perfect breeding grounds for these pesky insects.

4. Get a lot of Vitamin C
Keep your immune system up by eating plenty of foods with Vitamin C, or adding supplements to your diet, in order to avoid cold and flu.

5. Unclog your gutters and rooftop
Make sure your rooftop and gutters are clear of any fallen leaves or other things that might obstruct free water flow so as to avoid leaking or overflowing into your house.

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