How To Tell Your Kids You’re Moving House

How To Tell Your Kids You're Moving House | Eko Pearl Towers

Are you getting ready to move house? Are you hesitating about telling your kids? Here are some tips to make breaking the big news easier on everyone.

1. Tell Your Kids As Soon As Possible
Once you’ve made a final decision about moving, make sure to let your kids in on the news as soon as possible. When you let them know in advance, they can have the time to adjust and prepare emotionally and mentally.

2. Stick To The Basics
Depending on your children’s age, sticking to the basics might be the best bet. Just explain the fact that you are moving house, and that you will have a new home to live in, and avoid giving too many details that night worry or occupy a child’s mind.

3. Get Them Excited
To get your little one excited and ready for the move, show them pictures, or take them to visit your new home if possible. They can see their room and get a feel for how things will be. A mental image is always more reassuring than their imagination.

4. Answer Any Questions
Ask your children if they have questions and be ready to answer every kind of question, from asking about their new room, to asking about their neighbors and friends who they will be moving away from.

5. Let Them In On The Packing
Allowing your little one to help you pack, at least their own room, is a great way to help them feel included and a part of the move. You can have them label boxes, or pack up their own toys.

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