The benefits of reading to children out loud

The Benefits of Reading | Eko Pearl Towers

It is a known fact that reading is a vital activity that children should develop from an early age. In the same line of thought, reading to children aloud from an early age can be as beneficial for many reasons:.

1- It helps kids use their imagination:
When kids listen to adults reading them a story, they tend to develop their imagination skills, as they try to visualize the events being described in the book.

2-It makes reading more fun:
Many kids find reading to be boring and closer to studying. But when you, parents, read to them, they will learn to appreciate it with time, and eventually seek it as a hobby or passion.

3-It develops brain functions and thinking abilities:
Just like when they read on their own, listening to someone else telling the story, also helps kids develop their thinking skills and brain functioning.

5-It develops their vocabulary:
This applies to kids of all ages. Even when your children are still toddlers, reading to them will subconsciously enrich their future vocabulary. In addition, it introduces children to the storytelling and literary language, which differs from that of conversation.

6-It helps them practice listening and concentration:
It is needless to point out that most children can’t stay focused for a long period. However, when reading to them becomes a ritual, it helps them practice listening and paying attention to important information. Furthermore, they will learn how to concentrate more with each session.

7-It builds a stronger relationship:
This is probably one of the benefits that will attract parents the most. On one hand, you will get the chance to assess what your kids have learned from the story and evaluate their development. On the other hand, reading to them is a great source of conversations between you, and kids will be looking forward to these sessions in the long run.

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