Setting Your Iftar Table: How to set an attractive dining table in Ramadan

Iftar Table | Eko Pearl Towers

Iftar is the daily breaking of fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and socialization and hospitality plays a major role in achieving a successful Iftar. It is not just about the wide variety of succulent dishes, but also focuses a lot on the layout and setting of your dining table. Your Iftar table will be the showstopper this Ramadan with these tips.

Lighting:  The perfect touch to a nice dinner is well-suited lighting. Why not add some candles to your table, scattered among the dishes and plates. Ramadan lanterns are very classical and conventional and give your entire dining room a traditional feel. This lantern known as the Fanoos signifies the end of the fast.


Tablecloth: A dining table always needs a tablecloth, and what better way to go than with a Ramadan themed table cover. A very traditional Khayameya pattern is ideal to bring about warm holiday vibes. Choosing your colors and coordinating them accordingly is also very important.


Plates: Because the table is already colorful with the Fanoos lantern and Khayameya tablecloth, sticking to simple, white plates is a good idea. That way, the plates can also be reused for other occasions with other color schemes. White porcelain is your go-to for any dinner party. Gold or silver edges is also acceptable, but try to avoid extravagant patterns and lavish colors.


Silverware: Make sure to set the table with silverware according to the dishes you will be serving. Providing guests with the adequate utensils to eat, and not having to get up during the meal to fetch more spoons or forks, will make the whole experience more enjoyable and relaxing.


Refreshments: Breaking the Ramadan fast is the point of Iftar. After a long day without eating or drinking, the body needs refreshments before digging into a scrumptious meal. Provide your guests with dates and plenty of water and juice for a pre-dinner bite. Make sure to offer a generous amount of food in order to satisfy guests and leave no one hungry.


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